Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Something very special is headed to JAKE's

NAO is coming to JAKE's.

In May 2016 we will be moving to the nearby Westwoods Shopping Center at 64th & McIntyre. Inside our new location will be the first ever, that were aware of anyway, Maker Space in a Toy Store.  In addition to all this great news, NAO will be joining us in the Maker Space.  

Who is NAO?

NAO is a 58-cm tall humanoid robot. He is small, cute and round. You can't help but love him! NAO is intended to be a friendly companion around the house. He moves, recognises you, hears you and even talks to you!
Since his birth in 2006, he has been constantly evolving to please, amuse, understand and love you. In short, to one day become your friend.
Aldebaran created NAO to be a true daily companion. He is the little creature who helps you be your best. His humanoid form and extreme interactivity make him really endearing and loveable.


While waiting to be ready for home use, NAO became a star in the world of education. In more than 70 countries, he was used in computer and science classes, from primary school through to university. Thanks to NAO, students can learn programming in a fun and practical way. They can program him to walk, catch small objects and even dance!
He then conquered communities of developers, who recognised him as a powerful and incredibly expressive medium for creating applications. Imagine all the things you can do with NAO! A new world of applications has been opened, and the next step is to make him available to everyone.


Speak, and he answers!
Ask him to do something and he does! For example, ask NAO to teach multiplication tables to your children, wake you up in the morning, monitor your home during the day or teach you new things whenever you want. You no longer need a keyboard, computer or mouse to communicate with technology. All you have to do is talk to it, and it responds!
A new member of the family
Now, imagine that he can learn to read your moods, so that he always knows the right thing to say; that he can recognize your family members and call them by their first names; that you can teach him your musical, food and film preferences.
This is the goal of Aldebaran: create an engaging, interactive companion and partner. His humanoid form transports you into a world of emotions and caring, his sign language gives him life and makes him endearing, and his capacity to interact makes him a new member of the family.

Inside the Maker Space at JAKE's and beginning in June 2016, we will be offering an opportunity for you and your kiddos to work with and learn from NAO.  Some of the classes will include;

SDK, Simple software for developing your robot

A comprehensive, accessible software development kit
Aldebaran puts a user-friendly, documented software development tool kit at the disposal of everyone. This kit allows users at all levels to create behaviors for their robots.
It also lets you integrate the modules you developed into your robot and use them to create elaborate behaviors.
The software development kit also contains the required compilation and debugging tools.
This multiplatform development kit is compatible with many languages and robotics platforms, including Java, JavaScript, C++, Python.


Program incredible applications by creating sequences of predefined behavior boxes or coding your own behaviors.
Entirely designed and developed by Aldebaran, Choregraphe is the programming software that lets users of our robots create and edit movements and interactive behaviours easily. Its intuitive graphical interface, library of standard behaviours, and advanced programming functions will meet the needs of beginners and experts.
Anyone can create behaviors simply by dragging and dropping actions from the library or creating customized boxes and saving them to custom libraries. Explore programming by sequential or parallel events. Regarding chronology, Choregraphe allows you to program temporal logic.
The boxes of preprogrammed behaviors are easily configurable, but you can also create your own by using the Curve Editor to edit movements or writing them in Python scripts.
The combination of these approaches opens up great programming possibilities for our robots; you can dabble in the code's complexity or bypass it as you wish.
Choregraphe accepts the Urbi and Python languages and can therefore directly call the C++ modules developed separately.
It is supplied with many detailed examples that simplify the learning process.


You can also test your program creations in a 3D environment.
Webots for NAO is the perfect simulation software to assist your lessons or educational research. Interfaced with Choregraphe, it allows you to test your programs in a virtual environment before inserting them into NAO in real conditions.
Our Webots for NAO simulator, designed by our partner Cyberbotics, allows users to test their algorithms in a virtual world governed by real physical laws.
Users can alter the simulated environment at will, inserting and editing objects of different weights and shapes.  


Monitor is an application that allows you to see what your robot sees and perceives. It allows you to access accurate data from its sensors and motors easily.
With the Camera module, you can receive data from the selected camera.
You can then use the Memory module to access and analyse, in a user-friendly way, all the data provided by the sensors.
Monitor also lets you test the vision algorithms on recorded extracts.
NAO will be just one of many Family Friendly activities planned for the Makers Space at JAKE's! Absolutely thrilled we are to have NAO joining us and, if you are interested in learning more, please be certain to sign up for our mailing list and share this with someone you know.

Watch a video of these French engineering students working with NAO to drive a car.